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Online casino games have many advantages over land based casinos that you find abroad, for he is notoriously not legal in Norway. It is however allowed for Norwegians to play at internet casinos, if they are foreign. But there are also disadvantages and risks associated with online casinos. If you take some simple precautions can minimize these risks and exploit the benefits of online gambling. Article about online casino casino industry on the Internet has experienced explosive growth in recent years and there are now over 2000 online casinos. The competition between them is fierce and to be attractive, they offer their players great welcome bonuses and loyalty programs. Other factors in the competition is customer service, language, games, graphics and fast payouts.

Bonuses Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses that are added to the player's account. These bonuses are usually in the range of 20% - 200% of the deposit, but sometimes up to 600%. Along with the bonus included a record requirements , but by playing the game with a low house edge (advantage to the casino), an intellegent online casino play realistic go from casino to casino and expect to make profits regularly. A land based casino can offer players, for example. hotel rooms, meals, tickets to entertainment and gifts, but it is that rules only for those who play too much.

Welcome Bonuses at online casinos are for everyone and beats most offerings you will find at land based casino. As said it comes with the game requirements for the bonuses you get at online casinos . You usually play through your bonus 4-30 times before you can withdraw. Eg. insert $ 100 and get $ 100 in bonus. Recording Requirements are eight times the bonus, ie $ 800. You must wager $ 800 before you can withdraw your bonus and winnings. Eg. playing with $ 5 at a time. You lose $ 5, your balance is $ 195. So you win $ 5 and your balance is $ 200. You now have sold for $ 10, $ 790 again until you have fulfilled the wagering requirements. Do you play optimal blackjack strategy you will be able to fulfill the wagering requirements and only lose a few dollars.

You will have around $ 180 left in our example when you have sold for $ 800. You can then withdraw $ 180, a deposit of $ 100. This is obviously unpopular with casinos and they may consider this as an abuse of the bonus. To avoid problems with it, I recommend that you wager at least 2-3 times more than the wagering requirements. Using optimal blackjack strategy player will still be left with a win. Well what the player will be left with also depends on the size of your bet. If a player's stake is small and he or she makes many small bet is the chance that he harbors around the expected house edge great.

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It can be very useful for the poker strategy you used to occasionally take notes on paper, for example, a hand of another player, or your own game.