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The game of craps has a history of thousands of years. Since its inception there have been many ways to play and the rules have been updated up to the present.

Although craps at first glance may show a way to play hard, and play different versions can be found in every corner of the world. The only requirement needed to play Dice is, as its name indicates, a dice.

During World War II, the favorite game of the American soldiers were Craps and took every break in the battle to escape from this with a game of "craps". From ancient times to the present and from the theaters of war to the schoolyards, Craps is a game made for everyone and where all enjoy.

The origins of the game of craps are somewhat confusing. Any document which talks about the history of the various games that exist today, to get to the dice always concludes that its origin is not known precisely.

As with most games, the dice have a definite beginning, but have emerged as part of culture and has evolved until it has reached the variant that is played today. No one can say who enjoyed in the first game of craps as several similar games that had simultaneously in different cultures and that were influencing each other up to the rules of today. Craps, even though no one knows for sure when it arose, it is known from the ancient world and is played.

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